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The Healing Energy of Crystals

Did you know that crystals are the most simple yet the most stable forms of matter in the universe? As a crystal is formed deep within the earth under immense heat and pressure, it grows into a precise three dimensional pattern of atoms called a crystal lattice. The crystalline pattern repeats itself throughout the entire crystal structure packed as tightly as possible until no more free atoms are available and the crystal is terminated. Termination results in prismatic points or blocks depending on the crystal’s pattern. This strictly ordered system is held together by strong electromagnetic forces. Every crystal emits a different energetic frequency depending on its size, composition and color.

The human body also emits a vibrational frequency, but it’s very unstable. Our mood, activities and the environment we are in constantly affect our ‘vibe’ and can ultimately lead to physical ailments or disease. Using crystals to assist in healing the body is based on the principle of vibrational resonance: that orderliness and simplicity in any form will bring chaotic energies into a greater state of order. When a crystal comes into contact with your body or your energy, it will raise your vibrational frequency. Being at a higher vibrational frequency may help you to move past mental, physical and spiritual blockages.

When considering what crystal to use, you can make your selections based on your intuition, or with your intention. Does a particular crystal call out to you, or just feel right when you hold it? If you aren’t sure what you want to work on, let your intuition guide you to a crystal. It may be that is the one you unconsciously need to work with. If your intention is to help with a particular issue or challenge that you are experiencing, you can select a crystal that has the right frequency or color to provide you with the energy you need. For example, rose quartz is helpful for magnifying feelings of self-love, or the unconditional love for others. Amethyst can boost intuition, relieve stress and bring balance back into your life. Carnelian can give you the confidence to break through energetic blocks, and ignite action for your creative pursuits. A crystal guidebook or a quick internet search will give you numerous options for your energetic needs.

Whatever your purpose for using crystals, they remain integral in our lives whether you are aware or not. Humankind has been using crystals and minerals for millennia. We find them as sand and pebbles on the beach, in everyday items such watches and radios regulated by quartz crystals, lasers made with ruby or garnet, diamond dust for cutting blades, and silicon crystals in computer chips, just to name a few. As technology advances and humankind evolves, we will no doubt see more fascination for these ancient and precious stones.

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